Navori integrates with NEC Display Solutions for retail data analytics

Navori has announced an alliance with NEC Display Solutions to strengthen the impact of digital signage across the broader retail customer experience. With NEC’s recent unveiling of NEC ALP, Navori has confirmed its QL digital signage engine will integrate with the business intelligence analytics platform.

The direct integration will power a real-time content and audience measurement system for retail businesses.
Navori QL is enterprise-level digital signage software used worldwide in multiple business verticals, including brick-and-mortar retail environments. As integrated with NEC ALP, Navori’s digital signage software provides a platform to measure audiences and trigger content that aligns with a shopper’s action or a broader in-store event.
The NEC Analytics Learning Platform (ALP), unveiled at the 25th annual NEC Display New York Partner Showcase in October, combines video analytics with digital signage. The platform is designed to make retailers smarter through big data, content matching, and delivering relevant, impactful content to customers. NEC ALP’s data analytics capability gives retailers the power to deliver the right message or content – triggered through content management systems like Navori QL – based on who the customer is, and which piece of content will likely create meaningful engagements. Using this data, retailers can draw direct correlations between when content was played, the number of impressions, and conversion rates to sales.
In addition to integration with content management systems like QL, the NEC ALP platform comprises consulting, software, hardware, cloud computing, customised software development, physical installation, software and hardware integration, content creation capabilities, 24/7 on-site service and maintenance, and managed services support.

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