Native 2.5K projector to launch

Visitors to IBC 2010 will see video projector resolution for small to medium-sized edit suites and preview theatres taken to a new stage by Norway’s projectiondesign.

The company will use the Amsterdam show to give a global debut to the cineo35 2.5k – the world’s first compact projector capable of showing images at a native 2560 x 1600 resolution.
By offering an uncompressed and unaltered display of 2K data, the cineo35 2.5k gives the fine detail view that 1080p projectors are unable to provide without cropping or scaling the image. 
Additionally, because of the extra resolution available, the projector can display full 2K in a window and still offer space for editing tools on the same screen. This makes the cineo35 2.5k the perfect projector for small to medium-sized rooms where colour accuracy and performance are the most important criteria.
The projector comes with multiple preset calibration profiles as standard, and users can switch quickly between colour spaces and calibration settings. Using projectiondesign’s unique RealColour colour management suite, calibration accuracy is guaranteed to be within 0.002 points from any target.
The cineo35 2.5k offers four discrete high-bandwidth inputs (two HDMI 1.4, two Dual Link DVI), and offers optional 3G SDI input boards. It also comes with a choice of lens options, and is available in both traditional lamp, as well as an LED version. An stereo 3D version will also be offered in the cineo35 3D.

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