MuxLab launches ProDigital controller

MuxLab has announced the release of its ProDigital controller for centralised management of AV over IP.

Designed to offer installers system wide access and control of systems, the ProDigital network controller (model 500811) offers 24/7 access and management of virtual switches and splitters from a single button press.

The device centralises control of all IP-connected MuxLab products, and is accessible both on- and off-site via a web interface and third party apps on smartphones and tablets.

The controller can also be used for the development of automation control applications. IP-based devices can be managed with a scripted command that automates actions for hands-free operation.

The controller auto-discovers MuxLab AV over IP devices, and additionally supports a common API for third party control of devices.

Based on a Linux PC platform, the controller works by scanning the network for active AV over IP products over a distributed network, which the user can then configure manage locally or remotely. It also supports I/O presets, which can be created and saved for later use.

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