MuxLab launches 4K digital signage media player

MuxLab has launched its 4K model 500769 media player

The model 500769 comes with DigiSign CMS software and features an interface which users can use to gather, load and schedule content.  

Multi-view window layouts are supported and can be created with audio, video and images as well as text banners and logos.

Content from different sources can also be scheduled weeks in advance and can be played from different sources on one display or multiple displays for video wall applications.

The model 500769 supports connectivity among a variety of sources for content, including streaming AV via the H.264/H.265 codec over a local Ethernet network or the Internet.

Content can be loaded onto the player’s internal memory drive or from an external USB 3.0 flash drive.

The system is HDMI 2.0 compatible with DigiSign supporting multiple window views and schedule to deliver windowed content based on a weekly schedule.

Multiple video, audio and image file formats can also be displayed.

Video can be output up to 4K at 60Hz (4:4:4), with the player capable of up-scaling 1080p at 60Hz vdeo to 4K.

AV can also be assigned to one display or delivered to MuxLab’s AV over IP transmitters to support virtual matrix and video wall configurations.

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