MultiTouch unveils MultiTaction platform

MultiTouch has launched MultiTaction, a new platform for large-scale multitouch LCD displays.

The platform enables display developers to create multi-user, multitouch displays for screens ranging from 32 to more than 100 inches.

MultiTaction’s optical multitouch sensor technology can be integrated into integrated circuit (IC) boards, creating a modular camera system that can scale up to 100-inch high-resolution displays. The platform is designed for seamless integration so that developers have slim design displays that are high-resolution (up to Quad HD/4K), scalable, stackable and has frame rates of more than 200 frames per second.

The platform incorporates hybrid reflection/shadow tracking technology and provides smooth edge-to-edge front glass on the display unit.

MultiTouch claims its Cornerstone software translates touch into the programming experience, creating multitouch displays that can read unlimited touch points, including hands, fingers, fingertips, 2D Markers, and real-life objects.

MultiTaction also combines a number of in-device features, including Computer Vision Through Screen (CVTS) and Integrated Backlight Emitter Camera (IBEC) modules; Matrix Tracking System (MTS), Extensible Hybrid Tracking Engine (EHTE) and Multi-Format Tracking Output (MFTO).

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