MultiTouch slims down bezel on MultiTaction cells

MultiTouch has unveiled a 55", LCD touch screen with a 1.9mm bezel in the bottom and left side, and a 3.8mm bezel on the top and right side.

The product, part of its MultiTaction cell range, has an average mullion of 5.7mm from pixel to pixel and is based on the company’s optical imaging technology Computer Vision Through Screen (CVTS), which has optical touch sensors integrated into the LCD backlight modules.

MultiTaction cells accommodate unlimited numbers of touch points full hand recognition as well as simultaneous IR pen and touch interaction.

The units have 200 fps tracking and are designed for public installations in corporate and retail space, education, museums, and exhibitions.

Networking capabilities allow for cloud applications and social network integration as well as remote management and monitoring.

MultiTaction cells are designed for interaction with real objects – such as ID badges, product samples , 2D barcodes, or game pieces for example – and can be stacked in a variety of shapes, to create large interactive screens.

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