MultiTouch 4K 84 interactive display available for pre-order

MultiTouch has announced its 4K 84" MultiTaction Cell, which is available for pre-order now, will go into production in mid 2014.

It is suitable for productivity applications, education, presentations and professional applications and boasts ultra-fast response times, simultaneous pen and touch support, and the ability to track unlimited touch points simultaneously with hands, fingers,

MultiTouch’s Cornerstone 2 software development kit (SDK) supports the display and can scale from single displays to 50 Megapixel walls.

The pre-order package includes a built-in 4K application PC, MultiTaction ‘experience app’ with example 4K content, a support agreement, a floor mount trolley with wheels, and transport cases.

MultiTaction displays can be set up in wall or table orientation and are modular and stackable.

Enriched Reality 2D markers and real-life objects.

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