Multidyne’s hero in a Half-cube

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems has introduced the HalfCube portable fibre optic field transport system.

Designed for the fibre optic field transport of composite, HD video, PL, IFB, audio and more, the HalfCube can solve the challenges presented by multiple audio feeds by allowing for up to 40 channels over just one fibre. The HalfCube can also solve the challenges of camera video, viewfinder and intercom feed requirements for both fixed and roaming production cameras.
With an HD monitor and signal generator on either end of the product, users can test the circuit even if the camera has not arrived. Further, the HD test signal generator option also allows users to send the test pattern down the line, or to send the signal from the studio end directly to the HalfCuBE. This function allows users to monitor the camera output and the signals arriving at the shoot, and can be added to any solution in MultiDyne’s LiGHTBoX product line.

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