Multidyne launches 4400-CWDM

MultiDyne has launched its new openGear-compatible HD-4400-CWDM. The unit will provide customers with improved density, redundancy and control – offering 18 HD signals on one fibre.

The HD-4400-CWDM card transports four 3G, HD-SDI signals over one fibre. This fibre can be patched to additional HD-4400-CWDM cards, for a total of 18 3G HD-SDI signals over one fibre, in just five slots. With such high density, one openGear 2RU frame can transport a total of 18 bi-directional signals (36 3G, HD-SDI signals over two fibres), making the solution ideal for high-capacity fibre trunking of 3G HD-SDI signals in any facility.

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