Multidyne debuts DVI-ONE-E

Multidyne debuted its DVI-ONE-E, a solution for DVI and HDMI operating over ONE fibre, at InfoComm last week.

It is designed to extend DVI and HDMI distance and offers users bi-directional communication over ONE fibre for full HDCP copyright and EDID functionality.

MultiDyne’s DVI-ONE-E provides pixel-for-pixel image transport, a 100 per cent 24-bit scan rate and no contouring or bit reduction. The fully uncompressed DVI-D or HDMI signal is transported over ONE fibre supporting WUXGA up to 1920x1200 and is completely transparent with no frame dropping.

The DVI-ONE-E supports DVI and HDMI signals with the use of a cable adaptor. It also seamlessly transports the HDCP and EDID information along with the HDMI or DVI video signal. The product also allows transmissions of up to 1000 meters over multimode fibre and I designed to ensure that HDCP encoding remains intact and unmodified throughout the entire process.

It includes external power supplies and a USB power port. Alternatively, a free USB port can be used from the video source to power the transmitter and a USB port on the monitor can power the receiver.

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