Multi-user video available with VIPole Secure Messenger

VIPole Secure Messenger has launched a multi-user videoconferencing application with end-to-end encryption capable of supporting up to 256 participants.

The application provides a secure data transmission method, with data protected from eavesdropping on all nodes of data transmission. Audio and video is encrypted and decrypted on devices, ensuring it is invulnerable to external interception.

VIPole conferences can be incorporated into webinars, presentations, group training, distance learning and everyday corporate communications. Up to nine people can be on air simultaneously during conferences after they are started in chat rooms, with moderators able to assign roles and manage participants.

Users can switch between chat and conference modes to join other conversations and share files during conferences. They can also customise settings to stay on air or follow conversations, as well as changing the resolution, quality and size of the video. Adjusting volume for each participant and choosing certain specific users to follow is also possible.

The management system additionally allows users to stay anonymous if desired with security features such as IP masking.

Multi-user conferences are now available for desktop and Android users, with iOS capabilities expected in later summer 2016.

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