Multi-user function added to smartiP

Smart-e has incorporated a ‘multi-user’ facility to smartiP, its IP software control platform that provides the interface between users and a distribution matrix, via a secure IP connection.

The inclusion of the ‘multi-user’ facility means that multiple users, including those located remotely, can operate assigned parts or all the system, simultaneously. Users log in with a unique password allowing access to be assigned to equipment or zones.

A dedicated CPU on a Linux operating system maximises efficiency and speed, and provides a stable and reliable platform, according to the company. Features include an integrated web browser, wireless control panel, dynamic EQ and skew compensation to adjust and restore picture quality, integrated display management, macro creation and scheduling and Image Correction Process (ICP).

smartiP is available on all Smart-e matrix systems which range from specialist matrices to cope with marine environments, to home cinemas and command and control systems typically used by the police and emergency services.

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