More port options for G&D ControlCentre-Compact matrix customers

KVM manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) has expanded its ControlCenter-Compact matrix system with versions that ramp up available port options.

The matrix system enables distributed switching and extension of computer signals and the remote operation of several computers via different workstations. Up to now, the ControlCenter-Compact was available in six expansion levels providing between 8 and 80 dynamic ports, which can be used either as input or as output. The systems are available in Cat, fibre and mixed versions. 

Six new versions with 176 Cat ports, 128 Cat ports, 32 fibre ports and mixed versions with 32 fibre ports and optionally 16/32/48/80 Cat ports have been added to G&D’s portfolio. All systems come with in-house HDIP compression technology in the latest development stage, Level 3, which enables a lossless transmission of video signals with a resolution of 4K at 60 Hz. Therefore the new versions of the ControlCenter-Compact can be combined with DP1.2-Vision KVM extenders to extend and switch 4K video signals through the matrix. 

The new matrix versions also feature operating features such as CrossDisplay-Switching, a push get function, scenario switching, KVM Matrix-Grid and safety features such as the screen-freeze function, monitoring and SNMP.

The ControlCenter-Compact series is compatible with the ControlCenter-Digital, the DVICenter and all end devices so that new systems can be added to existing infrastructures. 

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