ModuloPi launches new media servers and tracking module at ISE 2020

Modulo Pi introduced new versions of its media servers at the show, highlighting the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic lines of media servers in addition to the launch of its KineMotion optical tracking module.

Modulo Player combines the capabilities of a media server and a live mixer, including features such as the X-Map for 2D warping. 

The server features a playlist management system, allowing for embedded show control capabilities. 

The server can interact with more than 40 devices, including NDI PTX cameras control and a series of USB phidgets including controllers, sensors, motors, GPIO and RFID tags. 

The Modulo Kinetic is an integrated media server for video playback, real-time 3D, interactivity and tracking. 

Modulo Pi showcased its KineMotion optical tracking module, available as an option for the Modulo Kinetic series of media servers. 

KineMotion is an add-on software, comprised of beacons as well as a calibration kit made of a wand and a square, allowing for projection on moving objects, particles drawing and tracking as well as automatic follow spot and light painting. 

KineMotion features an integrated interface to set up the tracking system, allowing for projection on an object moving in front of multiple overlapping video projectors. 

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