Modulo Pi to debut media servers with embedded real-time live mixer at ISE 2019

Modulo Pi is to demonstrate its newest media servers - Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic - at ISE 2019 on booth #14K135.

Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic, two turnkey media servers, will now include a real-time low-latency live mixer.

Designed to create visual experiences within a variety of applications, Modulo Player
and Modulo Kinetic offer a media server with an embedded live mixer.   
Modulo Player is for everyday use,it offers an intuitive interface and workflow for easy set-up and operation. With features such as the XMAP for advanced D warping, playlist
management, and embedded show control capabilities, Modulo Player fits a variety of projects.
Modulo Kinetic is designed for advanced shows, and includes tools for video playback,
real-time 3D, interactivity, and tracking. This media server offers a 3D engine for show design and visualisation, non-linear real-time timelines, flexible nodal programming, as well as show control and tracking capabilities.  

Modulo Kinetic can be used across the complete workflow, including study, simulation, encoding, playback and show control.  
Modulo Pi adds a real-time low-latency live mixer to its systems.  Available through a dedicated application (PC, Mac), the mixer’s user interface gives access to varied  functionalities:  Program  and  Preview  screens,  unlimited  number  of destinations and mix engines, presets creation and management, layer properties and transition
effects including borders, keying, mask, fade, flying.  

The  mixer  allows  a  true  live  preview  of  sources  within  the  interface,  and  comes  with  other features such as the ability to select a workspace area and turn it into a source, or a Quickset function for fast and easy layers management. To save time and maximise efficiency, multiple users can work simultaneously on the media server and mixer applications. GPU-based, Modulo Pi’s systems also integrate input boards, including low-latency FLEX modules by Deltacast. 

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