Modulo Pi debuts Kinetic Version 5 media server at ISE 2023

Modulo Pi has launched its Kinetic Version 5 media server at the show, including new features designed for interactive experiences.

The latest version of the media server and features are designed for interactive experiences, incorporating real-time timelines, an embedded live mixer, 3D engine and show control tools. The platform uses Kinetic Designer, a user interface with a dedicated workstation that connects to one or several V-nodes.

The Modulo Kinetic V5 will include interactivity through the manipulation of physical sensors or by touchless detection and tracking, with the capability to interact with video, audio, lights, generative content, machinery and more.

Support for a range of sensors and control systems are added with the Modulo Kinetic V5, RFID, USB sensors and controllers by Phidgets Inc., 2D Lidars, Azure Kinect, depth cameras, Leap Motion, 3D Lidars and more.

Sensors can be calibrated rapidly by integrating with Modulo Kinetic’s internal library of devices, allowing the media server to retrieve the position of one or multiple users.

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