MMRC relaunches Polymotion Chat automated camera tracking

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) upgraded its Polymotion Chat automated camera control software to provide new tiered access points to the technology.

Polymotion Chat Pro is targeted at the live events, corporate, education and house of worship markets.

The Polymotion Chat technology uses a computer vision engine to track subjects using PTZ cameras or robotic pan/tilt heads. Polymotion Chat Pro provides camera tracking for up to three cameras and offers slow, refined movements that simulate the moves made by a cameraperson. An easy-to-use interface provides support for MRMC and third-party robotic heads (including PTZ cameras) from most vendors, including Sony, Panasonic and Birddog.

Limbs are detected by the computer vision engine and a virtual stick model created in order to track the person onscreen. This allows the system to deal with people turning their back on the camera, occlusion, and ensures that the system doesn't get confused by other faces.

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