MMD shows off Philips autostereoscopic 55 LED display

MMD, brand license partner for Philips Public Signage Solutions, will present the Philips BDL5535VS, a glasses-free 3D LED display at ISE.

It is designed for public locations and has a viewing angle of 150° vertical/horizontal and up to 28 lenticular views.

The autostereoscopic 55” display uses a special optical bonding process in a bid to provide vivid and real colours. It has a typical contrast of 4000:1.

Three-dimensional pop-out effect and viewing distance can be adjusted to fit different occasions. 

It can be ordered in portrait mode and has a response time of 6.5 ms. Conventional 2D content can be presented and existing 2D signals can be converted to 3D and displayed as stereoscopic pictures.

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