Mixer-amplifier meets media player

Cloud Electronics has incorporated an on-board media player into a mixer-amplifier to create the MA60Media. The product is targeted at retail, hospitality and entertainment and sits alongside the simpler MA60, which incorporates an in-board digital music player.

MA60Media is a compact (2U, half-rack width) unit that plays MP3 or WMA files directly from a USB device or SD memory card plugged into its front panel, via a simple set of playback controls. Optionally, music source selection and level may be controlled remotely. All standard data rates and sampling frequencies are supported.

The product can be configured to suit most paging systems. The balanced mic input (phantom power available), can be mixed with one of four music inputs; one of these may be the internal music player. Music input 2 is provided with a 3.5 mm jack input for connection of a portable music player, laptop or similar.

A built-in 60W power amplifier can drive both low-impedance loudspeakers, or 100 /70 /50V line systems with the addition of an internal option.

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