Mitsubishi targets high-end with installation projectors

Mitsubishi has launched two installation projectors, the XD8100U (XGA) and widescreen WD8200U (WXGA).

The dual-lamp projectors are aimed at the high-end installation offerings, featuring a new design and performance designed for large venue applications such as auditoriums or in high-ambient light environments.

Delivering 7000 Lumens and 6500 Lumens respectively, the XD8100U and WD8200U are suited to large meeting rooms or conference venues. Both the XD8100U and WD8200U feature a patented image-processing algorithm that analyses the input signal and extrapolates high-definition data missing from the original image in real time.

Mitsubishi’s Natural Colour Matrix (NCM) allows intermediate colours – yellow, cyan and magenta – to be controlled independently of red, green and blue. XD8100U and WD8200U also feature built-in edge blending technology and advanced colour matching. XD8100U offers a PIP facility, while the WD8200U allows a split screen showing two different inputs for maximum versatility.

Mitsubishi’s heat-pipe cooling system keeps the lamp housing cool without the need for a power supply and the models operate at less than 28dBA. Furthermore, they consume less than 0.3W in standby mode.

The projectors utilise a dual lamp system and have an expected lamp life of up to 4000 hours. Lamps change automatically in the event of a failure and can be cycled periodically to improve their lifetime. An automatic self-cleaning air filter, which uses technology borrowed from Mitsubishi’s air-conditioning division, is included.

Projectors are equipped with an RJ-45 LAN terminal for remote operation, and are compatible with Crestron RoomView/e-Control, AMX Device Discovery and PJLink remote management suites. The wireless remote control can address up to 63 individual projectors in a multi-projector installation and operate at a range of up to 30m. Wired remote control is possible up to 100m.

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