Mitsubishi EW230-ST projector is short and wide

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a short throw, widescreen projector, the EW230-ST. The new WXGA model is designed for classrooms and meeting rooms.

It is compatible with widescreen input sources and utilises 1280 x 800 resolution, enabling a display area 1.3 times larger than a conventional XGA projector. The projector comes equipped with a short-throw lens that can project a 60” diagonal image from a distance of just 63cm (25”) from the display screen.

The EW230-ST has a brightness of 2500 lumens and high contrast ratio of 2000:1. BrilliantColour technology enhances the vibrancy of the display and Wall Screen functionality allows users to select a specific colour surface which automatically changes the projectors output settings in accordance to the chosen background.

It is network Ready and has a built-in LAN (RJ-45) terminal for remote operation. When integrated with Crestron RoomView users can operate up to 250 projectors simultaneously, with power on/off control and message display functionality.

The EW230U-ST is 3D-ready when users input and display 3D content and watch the display with optional DLP Link-compatible 3D glasses.

It weighs 2.8kg and features a direct power off function allowing users to power down instantly without causing damage to the projector. It comes with up to 4000 hours lamp life and features a low standby mode, decreasing the overall cost of ownership. If users wish to mount the projector onto a ceiling, lamp replacements are handled via a top access loading area and the password lock feature protects the unit from unauthorised usage.

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