Mitsubishi DLP cube claims more than 10 years' operation

Mitsubishi Electric added the WE120 to its line of DLP videowall cubes as well as showing its first narrow pixel pitch (NPP) direct view LED screen at ISE 2017.

The WE120 is available in WUXGA (16:10) or Full HD (16:9) resolution and offers 100,000 hours (11.3 years) of continuous operation in all brightness modes. It has a power consumption of 77W and uses Mitsubishi’s proprietary air-cooled projection engine. It has Display Port 1.2 (4K2K Input/daisy chain ready)  input and an Intel OPS slot.

The LED light source offers 6X redundancy and delivers up to 1160 cd/m²brightness. Units have four preset brightness modes. The displays include Smart 7 features for automatic colour and brightness balance across a videowall. Digital graduation and colour space control are included for screen uniformity and colour reproduction. 
Mitsubishi’s direct view NPP LED display was shown for the first time in Europe at ISE 2017. The indoor screen has been designed for command and control applications.

The display is designed to perform well with SCADA-type schematic displays. A 130-in diagonal 1.5mm pixel pitch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels was shown at ISE. Individual pixels are comprised of 3-in-1 SMD LED packages, which have been purpose-built for the application.

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