Mipro goes wireless with portable PA system

Mipro has launched an A4 sized, portable wireless PA system, the MA-303, for communication with small audiences.

It measures 210 x276 x165 mm and weighs 2.7 kg and provides 60-watt output power. It has a class-D amplifier driving two-way loudspeaker 1" tweeter & 5" woofer with level limiter.

The product accepts wired microphone and up to two wireless microphones. It has 16 auto-scannable channels, optional USB music player and recorder with LCD screen, 3.5 mm line-in and built-in alarm sound.

A lithium rechargeable battery provides between 9 and 12 hours of standby time per charge, along with four-level battery meter for accurate reading. It can be carried via the fixed handle or mounted on a stand.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor gatherings or meetings. Typical applications include classrooms, meetings, seminars and presentations, fire fighters, law enforcement, search and rescue squads, tour guides, day-care activities and playground duty.

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