MimioClassroom provides full teaching system

DYMO/Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies (ITT) company has launched the MimioClassroom system, a suite of interactive teaching tools and services.

The suite includes teacher-friendly interactive whiteboard devices, student assessment systems, document cameras, accessories and software.

MimioClassroom includes:

MimioTeach Interactive System, which transforms dry-erase whiteboards into interactive

MimioVote Student Assessment System –the system is rechargeable and provides auto-illuminated buttons.

MimioView Document Camera – MimioStudio software offers editing and storage features such as copy, cut, freeze, highlight, rotate, save and live video markup and the ability to drop images and video into lessons and tests. The document camera uses a single mini USB cable and has one-button activation, autofocus and lighting correction. It integrates with MimioTeach and MimioVote systems through the MimioStudio software.

MimioCapture Ink Recording System –allows real-time capture of dry erase whiteboard notes and drawings.

MimioPad Wireless Tablet – allows interactionwith a MimioTeach-enabled whiteboard from up to 9 meters away. The rechargeable MimioPad tablet features 16 shortcut keys for access to the MimioStudio software features.

MimioStudio 7 Software – Teachers can capture, create and present classroom content with images and multimedia files. Mimio Gallery provides teachers with access to ready-to-use lesson plans, images, objects and content. MimioStudio software features drag-and-drop convenience for Flash, audio and video files and is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat.

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