Microsoft unveils 84in touch screen for office collaboration

Microsoft has extended the Surface family with the introduction of the Surface Hub, which is an 84in 4K display with touch capabilities.

Intended for videoconferencing purposes, the Surface Hub comes with a wide range of connectivity options including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The display also has a built in microphone, speakers, motion detectors and camera the enable videoconferencing without the need for any external hardware.

Videoconferencing can be initiated from the home-screen. Personal devices can also be connected to the Surface Hub and the touch features of the display enable it to be used as an interactive whiteboard.

At a demo held at a Windows 10 event, Microsoft showcased how the OneNote app works with Surface Hub. With the application users can view images, annotate them and then share them with attendees. All the features for the Surface Hub are designed to simplify the process of office collaboration.

Microsoft has not yet revealed the date of release for the Surface Hub.

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