Microsoft introduces wireless streaming device

Microsoft has announced a new wireless streaming device for monitors, televisions, projectors and displays that features a HDMI and is called the Microsoft Wireless Adapter. 

The Microsoft Wireless Adapter allows users to project content from their Windows 8.1 or Android 4.2 device on to a compatible display and is a direct competitor to Google's Chromecast. Like the latter, the Microsoft product plugs into an HDMI port and uses a USB port to power itself. However the Wireless Adapter has an edge over Chromecast as it can support Windows devices in addition to Android devices.

Streaming devices can be used in a variety of AV applications. Meeting rooms in the corporate sector and guestrooms in hotels can both utilize a product that allows users to bring their own device and wireless link it to existing AV systems. The Wireless Adapter can also possibly be used for digital signage purposes replacing a media player if operations are not stringent.

The device can be pre-ordered now and costs US$59.95.

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