Meyer Sound unveils point source loudspeaker design at ISE 2019

Meyer Sound is previewing its Ultra-X40 loudspeaker series at ISE 2019.

The Ultra X40 marks a redesign of Meyer Sound’s point source loudspeakers, featuring a concentric driver configuration as well as new amplifier and processor technologies, derived from the Leo line array loudspeaker series.

The loudspeaker uses a rotatable horn and a variety of rigging options.

The Ultra X40 also has dual 8-in neodymium magnet cone drivers coupled to a low-mid waveguide surrounding the single 3-in diaphragm high frequency compression driver.

 A three channel class D amplifier is used, producing a power output of 1950 W and a total weight of 25 kg.

The X40 operates in a frequency range of 60Hz to 18 Khz, with linear peak SPL of 130.5 dB as well as a phase response of +45 degrees from 100 Hz to 16kHz.

The rear panel uses a female XLR three pin input connector with a male loop output.

The optional XLR five pin connectors version of the input board accommodates both balanced audio and RMS signals, with AC line power furnished via loop-through powercon 20 connectors.

An optional RMS remote system monitoring module is available for the Ultra X40, allowing for monitoring of loudspeaker parameters from a host computer running compass software.

The Ultra X40 loudspeakers measure 12.51in (318mm) wide and 22.31-in (567mm) high with a depth of 14-in (356mm).


The loudspeaker features an integral handle for portable applications that can be removed for permanent installation.

 Flexible mounting and rigging is facilitated by 11 integral M8 points as well as an integral 35mm pole mount receptacle with an M20 threaded insert socket.

Optional rigging accessories are available, including a U-bracket, yoke, pick-up plates for horizontal or vertical orientation as well as brackets for grouping in horizontal or vertical clusters.

Full weather protection and custom colour finishes are also available.

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