Meyer Sound launches new loudspeaker and subwoofer ranges at ISE 2020

Meyer Sound has unveiled its compact Ultra-X20 loudspeaker and USW-112P subwoofer offerings at the show, designed to cover a range of installed and portable applications.

Ultra-X20 loudspeaker 

The Ultra-X20 compact point source loudspeaker is a miniaturised version of Meyer Sound’s Ultra-X40 which was unveiled at ISE 2019. The Ultra-X20 uses the same technology as its predecessor but features smaller drivers in a smaller form factor. 

The loudspeaker includes two five-in cone drivers, one two-in diaphragm compression driver and a rotatable 110 degrees x 50 degrees horn in a coaxial configuration. 

Power is provided by a three-channel Class D amplifier with DSP inside the cabinet, with an operating frequency range of 60 Hz to 1kHz, phase response of ±45° (100 Hz – 16 kHz) and a linear peak SPL of 123.5 dB measured with the M-Noise test signal. 

The Ultra-X20 can be ordered with one of three connector panel options, with two AC powered versions available featuring looping Powercon connectors with the option of three-pin XLR for audio or five-pin XLR for audio and RMS remote monitoring. 

A removeable carry handle is included as standard, with two integral M8 rigging points included on each end to allow for the use of a pole mount, single point hang, wall or ceiling mounting or yoke mount in horizontal or vertical orientation. 

Four additional M6 points are included on the heatsink and are compatible with a selection of wall mount brackets. 

A weather protected version is available with sealed connections to remove the requirement for a rain hood. 

Two variants, featuring different patterns of the rotatable horn, the Ultra-X22 (80°x 50°) and Ultra-X23 (110°x 110°) are available alongside an additional version for integration in IntelligentDC systems, allowing for audio and remote DC powering on one cable with a five-pin Phoenix connector. 

The Ultra-X20 can also be paired with the USW-112P subwoofer, being natively aligned with the 750-LFC for use in portable applications. 

USW-112P Subwoofer 

The USW-112P subwoofer features a slanted connector panel to allow for placement flush to walls in both vertical or horizontal orientations, housing a single 12-in long-excursion driver with a class D amplifier and signal processing. 

The subwoofer’s cabinet design includes a low velocity port based on the USW-210P subwoofer, with preliminary performance specifications including a linear peak output of 123 dB SPL across an operating frequency range of 35 Hz to 140 Hz, with a phase response measuring ±30° from 45 Hz to 120 Hz when measured with M-Noise.

Variants of the USW-112P are available with either direct AC powering or for integration into systems using IntelligentDC technology for transferring power and audio from a rack-mount unit over one cable. 

Optional facilities are also available for the Meyer Sound RMS systems for remote monitoring. 

A removable carry handle is included with M8 rigging points on the top and bottom of the subwoofer, with a side-mounted, 35mm/M20 thread pole mount receptacle available as an option. 

An M20 to M8 thread adapter can be used with the USW-112P to fly the subwoofer from one eyebolt, with an optional U-bracket allowing for mounting to a truss, ceiling or wall. 

A weather protected variant is available, featuring sealed connectors (IP-X4 or higher rating). 

ISE 2020 will run from 11-14 February 2020 at the RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

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