Meyer Sound expands Leopard line array family

Meyer Sound extended its Leopard loudspeaker family with the Leopard-M80 narrow coverage linear line array for focused coverage and long-throw applications.

Leopard-M80 provides a controlled 80-degree horizontal pattern instead of the 110-degree coverage of the original Leopard model.

Mixed arrays of both Leopard versions are possible because vertical coverage and rigging hardware are identical. Leopard-M80 loudspeakers in the upper array section provide focused long-throw coverage while Leopard loudspeakers below spread horizontal coverage for closer seating sections. Arrays configured with only Leopard-M80 loudspeakers can offer a long throw with reduced spill to the sides of the array. This can be advantageous in narrow venues with reflective side walls as well as in outdoor applications where side spill into adjacent areas must be minimised to conform to noise regulations.

Leopard-M80 also supports additional system configuration options. Leopard enables tighter horizontal control across a broad spectrum of outfill, centre fill and delay applications when used in large-scale systems with Leo and Lyon main line array systems. All current Meyer Sound line array loudspeakers share a common acoustical signature, affording seamless transitions among main and auxiliary arrays.

In both variants, Leopard’s amplifier, driver and horn designs ensure linear response over a wide dynamic range.

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