Meyer Sound debuts Ultra Reflex audio system for direct view displays

Meyer Sound has unveiled its Ultra Reflex system for reproduction of screen channel audio on large-scale direct view video displays.

The system for each screen channel comprises a high frequency component reflecting off the screen, coupled with a direct radiating low frequency component, with acoustical designs, DSP technologies and optimisation techniques.

Ultra Reflex allows for full bandwidth reproduction with accurate directionality and flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy.

The Meyer Sound Ultra Reflex system has been paired with the Sony Crystal LED display for the initial launch period, with proprietary DSP supplied by a Galaxy 816 network platform and screen channels provided as part of a Dolby Atmos system with recallable snapshots for theatrical or 9.1.6 home entertainment playback.

The balance of the system totals 35 self-powered Meyer Sound cinema loudspeakers, with HMS series lateral and overhead surround loudspeakers bolstered by USW-210P subwoofers for surround bass management and X-400C cinema subwoofers with VLFC low frequency control elements for bass management and LFE.

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