Meyer Sound debuts NADIA Integrated Digital Audio Platform for Constellation installs

Meyer Sound has introduced the NADIA Integrated Digital Audio Platform for Constellation acoustic system installations.

NADIA is an integrated, network-based digital audio processing and distribution platform that will power future installations of Constellation by Meyer Sound. When incorporated into new Constellation installations, in addition to the processing power and inputs reserved for active acoustics, NADIA also provides separate inputs, processing, and matrixing to enable Spacemap Go spatial sound with no performance compromises for either function.

The NADIA platform supports up to 96 inputs for Constellation acoustic processing as well as 128 independent program audio inputs and comprises three hardware modules. All NADIA-based systems require at least one NADIA-CP core processor that supports 128 outputs. Additional NADIA-CP modules can be added to increase the number of outputs in the extended system by 128 for each module. All communication to and from the NADIA-CP module is via a Milan-compatible AVB network. All processing is at 96 kHz/64-bit floating point resolution.

For analog input, the NADIA platform offers an input module, NADIA-AI12, providing 12 channels of analog input with a preamp on each channel to accommodate Constellation microphones. For analog outputs, the NADIA-AO16 provides 16 channels of analog line level output.

NADIA outputs can be routed directly via the network to Milan end-point loudspeakers such as ULTRA-X20 series compact loudspeakers and USW-112P subwoofers. In an active acoustic system, which requires discrete output channels for a very large number of loudspeakers, this eliminates separate output modules and further reduces rack space and infrastructure requirements.

Each NADIA-CP module hosts up to 12 VRAS (Variable Room Acoustic System) processors, enabling the configuration of up to 12 discrete acoustical zones in a single unit. For scalability and cost efficiency, two licenses are available: standard for all 12 VRAS processors, and lite for three processors at a substantially lower licensing cost. When compared to the prior D-Mitri processor solution, Constellation systems based on NADIA will benefit from reductions in both rack space and overall costs.


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