Meyer Sound debuts Mapp 3D software tool

Meyer Sound has released its Mapp 3D software tool, an upgrade to its Mapp online software program design which works on both Windows and Mac platforms.

Mapp 3D uses local processing without an internet connection, available as a download from the Meyer Sound website. 

Mapp 3D supports M-Noise as well as traditional calibration test signal sources, with integration for Galaxy processors and importation options of SketchUp (SKP) and AutoCAD (DXF) files. 

Multiple views and fingertip control of a free-rotation tool are included, with audience areas able to be defined within complex architecture. 

Line arrays can be configured and automatically splayed for uniform coverage, with multiple system options able to be evaluated simultaneously. 

Mapp 3D also allows system designers to perform virtual system optimisation during the design phase, using virtual Galaxy signal processors to allow designers to add and configure processors, view prediction results and synchronise settings directly to hardware processors on site. 

Output processing functions of all Galaxy processor models are available with a copy and paste feature used to replicate settings in one or more other processing channels. 

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