Meyer Sound bolsters EXP line with Acheron Designer

Meyer Sound has expanded its EXP cinema line with the introduction of the Acheron Designer screen channel loudspeaker.

Acheron Designer, the smallest speaker in the EXP cinema line, is suitable for private screening rooms and small theaters where space behind the screen is limited.

It measures 19” wide, 25.37” and 14.62” deep. It has an operating frequency range of 37 Hz to 18 kHz and a peak output of 130 dB SPL. The patent-pending horn is designed to have a soft roll-off outside the coverage angle. The loudspeaker has a 580 Hz crossover point, which directs most of the dialog signal through the HF horn.

A Meyer Sound two-channel amplifier powers the 4” high-frequency diaphragm compression driver and 12-inch low-frequency cone driver independently. Convection cooling of the rear-mounted, recessed heat sink allows the Acheron Designer to be placed flat up against a wall when necessary.

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