Meyer Sound adds VLFC to LEO range

Meyer Sound has announced the introduction of the VLFC (very low frequency control) element, the latest addition to its LEO range of line arrays.

VLFC is specifically engineered to create visceral impact at frequencies below the threshold of hearing. By focusing energy into a narrow band between 30 Hz and 13 Hz, VLFC is capable of generating extreme variations in air pressure that are sensed by the entire body as compression waves while those frequencies at the upper end of its range are perceived as thunderous bass sound.
The VLFC is a self-powered system housing two low resonant frequency 18-in cone drivers. The on-board power is supplied by a two-channel Class AB/H bridged amplifier with complementary MOSFET output stages for high peak power and clean transient reproduction. Cabinet porting and internal baffling have been optimised to deliver maximum acoustic output in one octave that extends across the lower limit of human hearing.
The VLFC shares the same exterior footprint as Meyer Sound’s 1100-LFC low frequency control element, allowing use of the same rigging grids and caster frames. When the VLFC is paired with the 1100-LFC, the combination produces bass response from 13 Hz to 100 Hz.
Applications for the VLFC include adding very low frequency impact to concerts, festivals and clubs. The VLFC also adds impact to special effects in cinemas, themed spectacles, and theme park attractions.
The VLFC is currently shipping on Meyer Sound’s regular order turnaround schedule.

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