Meyer Sound adds power supply for IntelligentDC systems

Meyer Sound has introduced the MPS-488X, a new integrated power supply and signal distribution unit for multi-channel audio systems using the company’s IntelligentDC technology.

By delivering both balanced audio signals and 48V DC for loudspeakers powering over a single composite cable, IntelligentDC combines self-powered loudspeakers with the installation ease of low-voltage systems. Each MPS-488X supplies eight channels of power and balanced audio signals.

The MPS-488X also incorporates a network connection as standard, with telemetry and control data accessed via an RJ45 connector on the rear panel. Critical data such as load status, current draw, fan speed, and temperature are reported for visual display and fault alerts in Meyer Sound’s Nebra software for Mac and PC. Current draw is reported for each output channel, enabling the operator to assess the status of connected loudspeakers. The Nebra software platform also allows the operator to mute or solo individual channels of the MPS-488X.  

Unlike the predecessor MPS-488HP, the network connectivity on the MPS-488X does not require the use of an external RMServer device. However, for mixed system compatibility, both the MPS-488X and MPS-488HP with RMServer can report their status on the same Nebra interface.


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