Mersive ships Solstice 4.0 Software and Next Generation Hardware Platform

Mersive has released its Gen3 Pod, including version 4.0 of Solstice software.

The latest version of the Solstice Pod includes ShareSwitch, with controls and shares wireless and wired conent with an HDMI-input.

The Gen3 Pod also supports native 4K streaming, dual displays and PoE+.

The Pod features a dual HDMI output that can be configured to mirror or extend. Users can post content across two displays in extended mode, with control across both displays remaining as a drag and drop interface from a connected client.

The Gen3’s 4K Ultra HD also allows users to stream 4K content to a display and features a quad-core processor to support simultaneous videos being shared.

A mini stereo audio output is also included, supporting external audio systems.

Solstice 4.0 includes Solstice Ink, which allows users to collaboratively highlight and mark-up displayed content in a space by pointing and drawing with a smartphone.

16 languages are supported with Solstice 4.0 and comes pre-installed on the Gen3 Pod and is able to be downloaded on other Pods with an active Solstice subscription.

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