meldCX and Signagelive announce partnership to push data-driven digital signage

meldCX, a customer experience company focusing on AI and IoT, and Signagelive, have announced they are partnering to create data-driven digital signage powered by AI technology.

Digital signage has proven to be a successful way of attracting customers, with 80% of shoppers claiming to have entered a store because they got lured in by digital signage. Yet, for a long time, the creation of signage content has been a one-sided process. There is no attribution model — little way of tracking the success of a signage campaign and its ROI.

Viana by meldCX and Signagelive aim to bridge that blind spot, revealing digital signage analytics that were previously untrackable, such as demographics data, dwell times, glances, and content view-throughs. Similar to viewing the analytics of a Youtube video, but for a physical store.

Once deployed, the digital signage data is easily accessible on an online dashboard, where organisations can also plan and schedule their content in real-time. 

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