MediaMatrix launches nCIE Pilot PC

MediaMatrix has unveiled its nCIE Pilot industrial-grade PC for life-safety systems, certified for the EN54-16 certified and a range of third-party devices under the MediaMatrix NWare software suite.

The system’s components form a life-safety VACIE (voice alarm control and indicating equipment) system, with the nCIE Pilot performing logical operations for fault detection and reporting. 

Python scripting is utilised to survey and manage all third party devices within the VACIE, alerting the systems operator in the event of any system non-conformance. 

The Pilot also hosts the GUI for the operators through the Kiosk2Go HTML5 based MediaMatrix application. 

The nCIE Pilot also features a range of IOs (inputs/outputs) such as VGA and HDMI, capable of powering dual-independent displays such as one at 4K resolution, dual-gigabit Ethernet LAN, three optional COM ports and six USB ports including four USB 3.0 ports. 
An optional 2U rackmount adaptor is included to allow two Pilots to be used together, configured independently or as an N+N redundant auto fail-over configuration. 

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