Media server launch from Avolites

Avolites will launch Q Series, a range of media servers, along with its Ai v12.1 release that includes Pioneer Pro DJ Link Bridge integration software.

The media server line-up includes the Q3, Q3pro, Q4 and Qgen. The Q3 Pro has two 4K outputs and one HD along with EDID managed HDMI outputs. Q4 gives has four 4K outputs and flexible input modules. Qgen has three 4K outputs and a Nvidia graphics card that can deliver approximately 30,000 Notch marks and two-year Notch play back license.

Avolites also announced the Ai v12.1 software release that includes 64-bit architecture, AMD Texture Upload and support for 5.1 and 7.1 audio standards. Pioneer Pro DJ Link Bridge integration is also included. 

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