Maxhub launches USB videobar and HD PTZ camera at ISE 2023

Maxhub has expanded its UC range, launching Maxhub’s all-in-one USB videobar, the UC S07, and a full HD PTZ camera, the P15.

The UC S07 is designed for BYOD scenarios, as well as huddle and medium-sized meeting room environments. The device includes hands-free capabilities, allowing the device to start when motion is detected and go into standby mode when not in use.

The UC S07 incorporates an eight m voice pickup and eight W combo speaker, combined with AI noise cancellation and automatic gain control to create an immersive sound experience for improved clarity.

The videobar’s UHD 4K video offers high definition video imagery in tandem with AI vision technology, featuring a wide-angle view and five times digital zoom. The camera incorporates auto-framing capabilities that focuses on room attendees, tracking speakers in real time.

UC P15 PTZ camera

The UC P15 is a full HD PTZ camera with a maximum frame rate of 60fps, featuring a low-light performance CMOS sensor to produce lifelike images in dimly lit spaces.

The UC P15 incorporates an improved 2D/3D de-noise algorithm and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to deliver noise-free imaging with clarity.

The camera can also output high-definition content simultaneously through USB, HDMI and IP, while providing a choice of camera control options including IR remote, serial, IP, or USB connections.

The camera can also be paired with the Zoom-certified BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone.

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