Maxhub launches 5K 105-in 21:9 display

Maxhub has introduced a 105-in ultra-wide 5K display, its 21:9 aspect ratio is suitable for the Front Row layout of Microsoft Teams Rooms.

The ultra-wide 5K display features 5,120 x 2,160, 60Hz resolution.

A strategic partnership with Microsoft enables the user interface design to adapt to the 21:9 aspect ratio and display the Front Row layout. Two integrated 16-watt and one 15-watt speaker ensure optimum audio reproduction. The display has been designed for 16/7 operation.

The Maxhub Share collaboration system is integrated into the display to facilitate wireless content sharing. This enables encrypted data transfer from any device, regardless of operating system, via Miracast and Airplay.

The display offers a variety of interfaces, including a USB-C connection providing 100W of charging power. An RS232 port ensures direct integration into a network is possible, and an OPS slot guarantees the display remains future proof. An integrated motion sensor automatically switches the show on as soon as movement is detected – thus, meetings can begin without delay.

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