Maxhub introduces V6 ViewPro Series for collaboration

Maxhub has launched the V6 ViewPro Series, a series of Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) for video conferencing.

One of three new pro-AV products aimed at taking collaboration to new heights.

Picture quality is delivered by its 48MP + 8MP dual-camera and 3x optical zoom delivering high-resolution clarity at any distance. The Sony ½-inch Sensor with a 92° HFOV lens means that every participant is seen and heard – even in large conference rooms. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and anti-backlight technology further enhance image quality by maintaining the ideal lighting contrast.

Crystal-clear sound is provided through a sound output slot instead of a traditional mesh speaker, alongside 5 sound units, 40W speakers, 8 array microphones at a 180-degree wide-angle, and 12-metre voice pickup range. With Automatic Gain Control (AGC), all remote participants hear the same volume level. 

Smart AI noise reduction, based on beamforming technology and deep-learning models, filters out more than 300 noises, including typing, writing on the display, and air conditioning. The Maxhub V6 ViewPro Series also has auto-framing, automatically adjusting to the best angle to capture every meeting participant, as well as homing in on the speakers during team collaboration to simulate face-to-face communications thanks to speaker-tracking.

Maxhub Share means that up to 4 devices can simultaneously screen share wirelessly with up to 4K resolution and low latency. The Maxhub V6 ViewPro Series allows for greater flexibility during presentations, so you can turn pages and annotate directly on the touchscreen or manage the panel from your own device while seated.

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