Maxhub introduces AXHUB UC S10 Pro collaboration unit

Maxhub has launched the UC S10 Pro, a communication hub that allows for productive team collaboration and multitasking with fewer limitations.

Features of the Maxhub UC S10 Pro include one-click wireless screen sharing of up to four screens, simplifying the task of working through documents and presentations as a team.

HDMI 2.0 4K camera output delivers crisp video due to intelligent face recognition, a 120° field of view, and auto-framing in spaces of all sizes, all meeting participants are clearly visible.

Other features include precision-engineered audio with built-in noise reduction, echo cancellation, and voice pickup over 8m, leading to fewer distractions. An 8W speakerphone is also included, which allows for conversation in rooms of various sizes, from home offices and huddle rooms to large meeting and conferencing venues.









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