Matrox unveils Monarch EDGE Command Center

Matrox has released the Monarch EDGE Command Center web UI for the management of Monarch EDGE 4K/multi-HD encoders and decoders within remote production environments.

Accessible via a standard web-browsing application, this configuration management tool allows live event producers to directly access, control, and operate all Monarch EDGE appliances from any location and device.

Matrox Monarch EDGE encoder and decoder appliances help organisations produce more broadcast-quality content with fewer resources by transporting multiple synchronised camera feeds over dedicated WAN, LAN, or internet, with glass-to-glass latency as low as 100 ms for SDI-based productions.

Monarch EDGE Command Center further streamlines the REMI deployment process by allowing operators to configure and customise streaming, recording, and decoding settings and operating modes from any device on the network that supports a web browser.

In conjunction with the Monarch EDGE Control Hub overview dashboard application, authorised users have complete end-to-end management and control of Monarch EDGE appliances within the REMI ecosystem.

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