Matrox unveils 4K decoder at ISE 2020

Matrox has debuted its Maevex 6152 quad 4K decoder at ISE 2020, built on the same technology as the Maevex 6100.

The Maevex is capable of decoding up to four 4K streams or a number of lower resolution streams across up to four 4K displays. 

The decoder can be combined with third party encoders to create new or upgrade existing end-to-end systems. 

HDCP support and decoding of HDCP content from a variety of sources is supported, including external Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and streaming video devices, with pre-set layouts included to allow users to target up to eight streams on one screen. 

The Maevex PowerStream Plus AVoIP software management tool is also included, allowing for control over the Maevex network from one or multiple locations. 

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