Matrox tool supports AV-over-IP management

Matrox has released PowerStream Plus management application and API to coincide with the recent release of its Maevex 6100 quad encoder card.

PowerStream Plus provides reach and control over the Maevex network topology. The management software offers auto discovery of Maevex units on the subnet, while units outside the subnet can be manually added. System operators are given credentialed profiles. 

Live or scheduled recording to a shared network drive or NAS is possible. Group encoders/decoders can be identified and settings adjusted for multiple selected units. Configurations can be managed and saved for application to other devices. 

PowerStream Plus is a Windows-based platform and, according to Matrox, will soon work on Linux and other operating systems.

A separate Maevex firmware updater tool checks that the most current version of software is running and allows for system-wide or chosen deployment from a single software tool.

PowerStream Plus API offers customised control and offers integrators and developers command-level access to build their own Maevex control application or to integrate Maevex functionality in existing or third-party applications. It is based on the .NET framework (4.5 or higher) and features the full PowerStream Plus application feature set.

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