Matrox launches Luma series graphic cards

Matrox has debuted its Luma series graphic cards, featuring Intel Arc GPUs.

The Luma cards range is available with three models, with the half-height Luma A310, a low-profile fanless card. The single-slot, AC310F card is designed for applications that require more performance, driving multimonitor graphics in retail spaces.

The full-sized, single-slot Luma A380 card is designed for enhanced performance and GDDR6 (6GB) compared to other Luma models.

The Luma A310FP and A380FP support up to two 8Kp60, two 5Kp120, or four 5Kp60 DisplayPort 2.1 monitors and can be combined to drive a high-density-output video wall of up to 16 synchronised 5Kp60 displays.

Users can add and synchronise displays by frame-locking up to four Luma Pro cards via board-to-board frame-lock cables.

Luma Pro cards feature GPU based H.264 and H.265 media codec engines, backed by the Matrox Mura software libraries, enabling the decoding of over 40 full-HD streams per card.

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