Matrox launches fanless IP decode and display card

Matrox has released its fanless Mura IPX 4K IP decode and display card.

The new version of the single-slot Matrox Mura IPX card for IP based multi-viewers and personal video walls features decoding of multiple 4K and full HD streams for display across up to four 4K outputs.

Matrox first launched its Mura IPX cards in December 2018.

The multi-viewer cards feature an onboard network interface controller (NIC), enabling decoding density of up to two 4Kp60, four 4Kp30, eight 1080p60, 16 1080p30 or multiple SD streams.

Four DisplayPort connectors are also featured, allowing attachment of up to four 4Kp30 displays.

The Mura IPX also includes a range of video wall software, APIs and libraries, with the software toolkits allowing OEMs and developers to deploy software, as well as custom interfaces and applications.

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