Matrox Graphics controller board for videowalls

Matrox Graphics’ Matrox Mura controller board can capture four full 1080p HD inputs and simultaneously drive four monitors at up to 2048x1080, while maintaining RGB 888 image quality.

The video wall tool is based on second generation PCI Express technology. The controller board has a x16 bus interface providing an unrivalled 64 Gb/s of bandwidth for cutting-edge performance, while the customised 10-slot Matrox Mura switch fabric can deliver 512 Gb/s upstream and downstream for a total throughput of 1Tb/sec. The all-in-one controller board captures content from, and displays to a, range of signal types including RGB, DVI/HDMI, component, composite, and S-video sources.

The new addition to the Matrox family of display wall controller boards supports the existing Matrox Display Wall API interface. Matrox Display Wall SDK now offers a new management interface, network API, and RS-232 control.

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