Martin Professional introduces Exterior Wash Pro range

Martin Professional has launched its Exterior Wash Pro, designed for use in harsh environments.

The Exterior Wash Pro range is available in quad and CTC variants, with four sizes available in each. The fixtures offer configurable beam control for use in various applications such as long throw applications.

The quad variants provide a dedicated colour temperature control channel, spanning from 1,000K to 12,500K, following the black-body curve, as well as integrated colour boost technology.

The CTC variants offer an extended colour temperature range, ranging from 2,400K to 6,500K, including warm (2,400K), medium (4,000K) and Cold (6,500K) LEDs for dedicated colour temperature colour temperature with improved white light quality.

The Exterior Wash Pro range offers externally mounted micro lenses and an optional baffle snoot, with an in-built stand-alone programming functionality to simplify installation, working with other product families such as Martin’s exterior linear pro family for easy programming of product families within the same installation.

A dedicated control channel is included, featuring a user-selectable default colour temperature from a warm 1,000K up to a cold 12,500K Kelvin temperature, following the black body curve.

An integrated magnetic sensor is also included to strengthen local diagnostics and focusing, with stand-alone programming available through the Martin Companion configuration tool.

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